Could you give PK a home?

Cats Protection’s Downham Adoption Centre is looking for a loving home for an affectionate cat who has been through a lot.

PK, short for PussKitt, came into the charity when his owner needed to go into care and was unable to look after him.

A spokesman for Cats Protection said: “PK is a beautiful cat who has had a lot of upheaval in the last few months and he has had a few medical issues as a result of this, some of which will be lifelong. 

“We don’t feel that should stop such a great cat having a second chance of a happy life.

“One of PKs most endearing features is his big heart. A big, affectionate boy, PK is a real lap cat and his rumbling purr begins as soon as you pick him up. 

“Quite a homebody, PK is perfectly content with a plod in the garden and in return will be your ideal bed warmer and early breakfast alarm call.

“His ongoing medical issues are not unmanageable and this cuddly teddy bear just needs some compassion.” 

Cats Protection is willing to support the right family in the initial few months of welcoming PK into his new home.

The team would like him to have the most peaceful home possible by being the only pet in an adult-only household.

To find out more about PK or any of his fellow felines in need of homes, call 01366 382311 or email