A casualty is rescued and right, a firefighter tackles a vehicle on fire. Pictures: Paul Tibbs

Emergency services took part in a major training exercise based around a collapsed bridge over a motorway.

Teams from the East of England Ambulance Service and fire crews from Norfolk, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire came together at the mocked-up scene at Walpole St Andrew.

There were more than 120 people involved within the exercise, with six fire engines and eight ambulances.

The crews had to rescue 20 “casualties” who were students at the University Centre West Anglia in King’s Lynn.

Carl Smith, trust clinical lead for the ambulance service oversaw the exercise.

He said: “It was good. It took two to three months to plan it,  there was a lot of preparation. We dealt with fire, amputees and triaged casualties.

“We also had a real journalist so we could improve on giving information for press releases.”

Mr Smith said it was important for crews to practice working together to make improvements.

He said: “Looking back at the exercise, the biggest failure was communication. 

“We need to improve communication between emergency services for dealing with future incidents.”