Cleaning up and raising awareness. Pictures: Ian Burt

School children from Heacham and Snettisham took part in a day of action to help tackle climate change and raise awareness of environmental issues.

With children from across the UK attending protests about global warming last week, the schools decided to take positive action in their own villages.

Pupils from Heacham Junior School visited the nearby beach to carry out a litter pick, along with a similar tidy up of the school grounds.

Meanwhile, youngsters at Snettisham Junior School went to their local park to remove unwanted rubbish.

Teacher Emily Riddington, who organised the activities, said the aim had been to help the children feel empowered to do something about climate change.

Speaking about last Friday’s clean-up, she said: “Some children are at climate change protests today but we are also doing our own protest by going to the beach and park and cleaning up the litter.”

Miss Riddington, who runs Forest Schools at both schools, spoke to the children during assembly about climate change issues and the inspiration of 16-year-old Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg, who recently challenged political leaders.

“We looked at some of her work because she wanted to give power and a voice to children,” added Miss Riddington.

“We talked about what people are already doing to address climate change and what we can do to help further.

“We also wanted to take some time to appreciate and be grateful for where we live, right next to the beach.

“We do a lot about the environment and the planet at Forest School. The children are so passionate about the issue and hopefully the way we teach it here will embed it in everyday life.”