The Brexit Party polled the most votes in the European Elections for the East of England and also in West Norfolk.

Following last Thursday’s election, the Eastern region will now be represented by three Brexit Party MEPs. The Liberal Democrats will have two representatives, with one a piece for the Green Party and Conservatives.

The results were announced last Sunday and locally, reflected the national trend.

Turnout in West Norfolk was 33.93 per cent.

Of the 37,983 votes cast in the borough, 17,865 were for The Brexit Party, 5,248 to the Liberal Democrats, 4,516 to the Conservative and Unionist Party, 4,052 to the Green Party,  2,505 for Labour, 1,769 for the UK Independence Party, 1,386 for Change UK, 297 for the English Democrats and 82 for  Attila Csordas, an Independent candidate.