Stevi Levy was beaten but upbeat in her final amateur bout.

BOXING: A controversial judges’ decision saw West Norfolk boxer Stevi Levy end her amateur career with a defeat.

But the 26-year-old fighter remained upbeat after the loss to Polish national champion Jasmina Zapoczna for the 60kg title on the Contenders 26 card in Norwich on Saturday.

In a close technical fight, the judges felt Zapoczna’s cleaner work and immaculate straight right hand were worthy of victory, although Levy landed several good shots of her own. 

Levy said: “I’ve never been so shocked when I heard the decision. 

“I felt I nicked it but knew it was close, although everyone  in that venue thought I had won.”

Even so, the Heros Gym boxer was happy with how she had fought against an experienced, clever opponent.

“I wanted a challenge and got one. She caught me with a couple of flash shots and one had me dazed but what an amazing atmosphere.

“I’ve fought on a massive show and made a statement. I challenged a top level opponent. I could’ve smashed a nobody about for five rounds and made them look silly but I took on a national champion.

“Someone as technical and awkward and clever as her was a challenge but I’ve still never been knocked out or stopped in more than 25 fights.

“I’m constantly improving and by the time I turn professional, anyone I fight will know about it.”

Levy thanked the hundred or so fans who went from West Norfolk to support her and said: “The turnout from King’s Lynn was amazing.

“I didn’t win but I feel I did myself and everyone proud.”