Scenes from the count at King’s Lynn Corn Exchange. Pictures: Ian Burt

The Conservatives held on to power in West Norfolk by a slim majority after a number of recounts in the borough elections.

The results saw a large number of wins for Independent candidates, who won 15 seats on the council, ahead of Labour with 10. The Lib Dems and Greens won one each.

The Conservatives finished with 28 of the 55 available seats, gaining the minimum required for a majority.

There were some high-profile casualties, including former deputy leader Alistair Beales  who lost to Independent candidate Bob Lawton at last week’s elections.

Those elected  to the borough council are shown below in bold.

Airfield ward: Geoffrey Hipperson (Cons) 608, Mike Howland (Ind) 781, Matt Sawyer (Cons) 307.

Bircham with Rudhams: Michael Baylis – Chenery of Horsbrugh (Cons) 393, Chris Morley (Ind) 426.

Brancaster: Alistair Beales (Cons) 383, Bob Lawton (Ind) 455.

Burnham Market and Docking: Simon Bower (Ind) 266, Sam Sandell (Cons) 425.

Clenchwarton: Gary Bramham (Lab) 117, Matthew Hannay (Ind) 347, David Whitby (Cons) 416.

Denver: Alan Holmes (Ind) 375, Tony White (Cons) 262.

Dersingham: Yvonne Anderson (Lab) 445, Tony Bubb (Cons) 1,025, Judy Collingham (Cons) 979, Jordan Stokes (Lab) 352.

Downham Old Town: Becka Elliott (Lab) 168, Steve Mackinder (Ind) 171, Shimit Patel (Cons) 200, Steven White (Lib Dem) 113. 

East Downham: Doug Lawson (Ind) 73, Josie Ratcliffe (Lib Dem) 201, Jonathan Toye (Lab) 68, Jackie Westropp (Cons) 126.

Emneth and Outwell: Chris Crofts (Cons) 520, Stewart Dickson (Lab) 139, Yvonne Howard (Ind) 451, Harry Humphrey (Cons) 455. 

Fairstead: Gary Howman (Lab) 375, James Perkins (UKIP) 217, Michael Taylor (Cons) 205, Margaret Wilkinson (Lab) 422.  

Feltwell: Adrian Lawrence (Cons) 448, Martin Storey (Cons) 642, Kenneth Winter (UKIP) 356. 

Gayton and Grimston: Baljinder Anota (Ind), Gregg Baker (Lab) 295, Andrew De Whalley (Green) 742, Sue Fraser (Cons) 546, Colin Manning (Cons) 618.

Gaywood Chase: Liam Hind (Cons) 200, Christine Hudson (Lab) 282. 

Gaywood Clock: John Collop (Lab) 196, Richard Parr (Cons) 133, Michael Stone (UKIP) 148. 

Gaywood North Bank: Micaela Bartrum (Lab) 467, Sandra Collop (Lab) 522, Angie Dickinson (Cons) 514, Wilf Lambert (Lab) 466, Joshua Lowe (Cons) 524, Mark Shorting (Cons) 478, Clifford Walters (Ind) 487. 

Heacham: Stuart Dark (Cons) 532, Terry Parish (Ind) 1,178, Adrian Soskin (Cons) 328. 

Hunstanton: Robert Beal (Ind) 486, Amanda Bosworth (Cons) 457, Carol Bower (Cons) 524, John Crofts (Lib Dem) 408,  Debbie Le May (Ind) 234, Emilia Rust (Lab) 208. 

Massingham with Castle Acre: Jim Moriarty (Ind) 690, Ed Robb (Lab) 334, Tim Tilbrook (Cons) 156.

Methwold: Sandra McNeill (Lab) 87, Mick Peake (Cons) 252, Alun Ryves (Ind) 275.

North Downham: Shaun Blackmur (Cons) 197, Andy Bullen (Ind) 238, Eamonn McCusker (Green) 44, Ben Molyneux-Hetherington (Lab) 91, Sandra Wood (Lib Dem) 66. 

North Lynn: Ben Jones (Lab) 388, Maxine Tweed (Cons) 151, Paul Tweed (Cons) 134, Andy Tyler (Lab) 371. 

Snettisham:  Ian Devereux (Cons) 414, Jan Roomes (Ind) 411.

South and West Lynn: Darren Gibson (Cons) 147, Charles Joyce (Lab) 379, Alexandra Kemp (Ind) 536, Steven Middleton (Cons) 110.

South Downham: Linda Graham (Lab) 99, Brian Redgers (Lib Dem) 206, Don Tyler (Cons) 409.

Springwood: Nik Mezanov (Cons) 280, Jo Rust (Lab and Co-operative) 374.

St Margaret’s with St Nicholas: Rob Archer (Green) 292, Lesley Bambridge (Cons) 356, Francis Bone (Lab) 327, Martins Strals (Cons) 244, Kelly Terry (Lab) 283. 

Terrington: Paul Kunes (Cons) 677, Trevor Roberts (UKIP) 417, Sandra Squire (Ind) 638, Sheila Young (Cons) 270. 

The Woottons: Emily Blake (Lab) 379, Paul Bland (Ind) 903, Pallavi Devulapalli (Green) 522, Lord Greville Howard (Cons) 1,089, Graham Middleton (Cons) 914, Elizabeth Nockolds (Cons) 1,178, Paul Smith (Lab) 249, Peter Smith (Lab) 245. 

Tilney, Mershe Land and Wiggenhall: Barry Ayres (Cons) 512, Ashley Collins (Ind) 405, Brian Long (Cons) 478, Andrew Williams (Ind) 426.

Upwell and Delph: Matt Gingell (Cons) 425, David Pope (Ind) 758, Colin Rose (Ind) 589, Bill Smith (Cons) 463. 

Walsoken, West Walton and Walpole: Richard Blunt (Con) 600, Roy Groom (Ind) 439, Julian Kirk (Cons) 469, Eden Kruh-Atar (Lab) 207. 

Watlington: Jim Bhondi (Ind) 570, Peter Hodson (Cons) 122, Guy Jarvis (UKIP) 64. 

West Winch: Peter Gidney (Cons) 500, Marcus Hopkins (Cons) 448, Simon Nash (Ind) 542, Daphne Sampson (Green) 342. 

Wissey: John Bankhead (UKIP) 113, Jim McNeill (Lab) 157, Colin Sampson (Cons) 349, Judith Taylor (Ind) 155. 

See for the full results and also for the town and parish council elections.