Colourful umbrellas brightened up the weekend at Docking. Pictures: Kevin Elfleet

A West Norfolk church opened up for a colourful display to showcase its first Umbrella Festival.

A total of 24 umbrellas were on show at the event which was held last weekend at St Mary’s Church, Docking.

A total of £884.85 was raised from the festival which saw creations from villagers, groups and pupils from Docking School and Nursery.

Organiser Marion Honeyman said the event was a great success and hoped it would make a return next year.

She said: “We couldn’t believe that amount of money was raised. The festival was a pilot thing for us so we didn’t know what to expect, but it was really lovely.

“The school also made an umbrella from each class. It was really nice and it had a great community feel.”

Entry to the festival was free and funds were raised from bucket collections.

The money will go to help support community groups in and around Docking and charities.