A film crew at the home of Tony and Karen Stevens. Picture: Michael Fysh

A man who was left injured after rescuing his dog from a 20ft drain is to feature in a  television documentary.

Tony Stevens, 60, of King’s Lynn, has relived his story to be shown on BBC One’s Close Calls, presented by Nick Knowles.

Television crews filmed Mr Stevens, who is still recovering from the ordeal last July, when they visited his home on Tuesday.

“There were 14 vehicles and 30 personnel that came to rescue me, it was quite a big operation,” said Mr Stevens.

“The programme isn’t about me as such, but to highlight the good work the emergency services do.”

Viewers will learn how Mr Stevens and his wife Karen had been walking their two dogs at Lynnsport fields when the drama unfolded.

Their Tibetan terrier Bramble fell down a drain which had a missing manhole cover.

After hearing their beloved pet making a screaming noise, Mr Stevens decided to lower himself into the drain in a bid to rescue her.

But, as he dropped down, he broke his left leg and couldn’t climb out.

The programme will show how paramedics, firefighters and an urban search and rescue team worked together in a two-hour rescue operation to extract Mr Stevens and the dog out of the narrow drain shaft.

Mr Stevens has since undergone two operations where metal has been placed in his leg. He is also facing further surgery on the same part of his leg next week due to a complication.

He said: “My one regret is that I could have killed myself, – Karen could have no husband or dog. Bramble was affected by it, she doesn’t like going down steps. But there was a happy ending and all’s well that ends well.”