Volunteers in Outwell collected 23 sacks full of rubbish and a few unusual items, including a road sign. Pictures: Kevin Elfleet

Volunteer litter pickers had their own Game of Thrones when they unearthed two old commodes dumped in their village.

The group in Outwell spent a couple of hours collecting 23 bags of rubbish from the infill canal, which runs between the A1101 and A1122 in the village, as part of the Great British Spring Clean.

Some 15 volunteers grabbed bags and gloves and tackled the strip of land which is an area that attracts rubbish from passing traffic as well as litter dropped by pedestrians.

“It was the usual story of cans, more cans, plastic bottles, vodka bottles and crisp bags. I don’t think anyone expected to find two commodes, a highways sign and random lumps of metal. It was a sad illustration of people not caring,” said a parish council spokesperson.

“The volunteers did a brilliant job and it was nice to see people giving up a couple of hours on their Sunday afternoon to pick up other peoples’ rubbish,” the spokesman added.

The infilled canal was once a link between Wisbech and the Old River Nene in Outwell and was more than five miles long. It was completed in around 1797 and created after authorisation by an Act of Parliament in 1794.