The Crown Inn, in Northwold, has been the focus of a campaign to save it.

Community campaigners in a West Norfolk village are celebrating after their pub was thrown a lifeline and now looks set to reopen.

The Save the Crown Inn campaign has been running since 2017 in a bid to save the Northwold pub.

The campaign was set up to raise enough funds to buy the pub, the last remaining one in the village, and turn it into a community-run venture.

However, the community no longer needs to act as the pub has been sold to a private owner who is looking to reopen it as soon as possible.

Campaign organisers sent supporters a message informing them of the good news.

It said: “Some great news everyone. Although our community didn’t buy the pub, someone has.

“The new pub owners have recently made contact with the committee and we’ve been discussing the future of The Crown in the briefest of details.

“Completion on the purchase should occur very soon and the owners will be living above the pub.

“Let’s do all we can to help them feel welcome.”