Eggstra special creative fun for pupils during a visit to The White Horse this week. Picture: Matthew Usher
Safer Summer Staycation

Pupils at Brancaster Primary School learned about honey bees and how to make sausages when they visited The White Horse hotel.

Fran Hartshorne, head chef at the Brancaster Staithe establishment, showed the 35 pupils how to make sausages which the children tucked into for their lunch with mash and peas.

Five-year-old Faith King won a cooking utensil set and a family meal at the hotel for her children’s menu design.

Class teacher Janet Lavender said: “The school is delighted the children are offered this opportunity every year to explore more about where their food comes from and to help make their own lunch. When children have had hands-on experience with food they are more likely to eat foods they wouldn’t otherwise try and it is obviously important they learn about healthy eating and how to cook to prepare them for later life.

“We are so very grateful to The White Horse for making this possible for our children.”

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