UEA students leading wellbeing training sessions for Springwood pupils. Pictures: Matthew Usher

Students at a King’s Lynn school have been learning how to support each other when going through mental health challenges.

Year nine pupils at Springwood High School, aged 13 to 14, were visited last week by members of the University of East Anglia’s Headucate society, which aims to raise mental health awareness.

The UEA team led mental health and wellbeing training sessions for 30 students, covering how to look out for issues among peers and how to best support them.

The pupils, who had to go through an application and interview process before they were selected for the training, will go on to become Mental Wellbeing Ambassadors.

Dan Hobbs, assistant headteacher and head of year nine, said the initiative was mainly about addressing stress and anxiety issues as these were  most likely to affect students.

He said: “It’s about caring for each other. I’d hate to think of a pupils crying in the toilets and us walking by and not knowing.

“But this is not just about seeing people who are already upset, it is about working together to see what support we can give and promoting wellbeing.

“This is about being proactive rather than reactive.”

Mr Hobbs said pupils were more likely to discuss issues with each other initially rather than go directly to staff.

The ambassadors would be supported so they knew when to seek the help of teachers and hand issues over, he added.

The new ambassadors are already planning sessions with fellow pupils on how to stay healthy mentally.

“The pupils have been really impressive,” he added. “I’m so proud of them.”