ANTHONY YATES. Volvo XC40 D3 AWD – R-Design Auto.
Price from £41,520 (as tested – including  options)

I’m not sure how many of you have ever driven a Volvo but let me tell you this, once you have, you may never want to drive anything else. 

 Rubbish, I hear you shout. Well no as the car you see before you here is the lovely new Volvo XC40 – a car I have simply fallen in love with.

To put it bluntly, I have been waiting for months to drive the new XC40 and now it’s finally here, it looks even better than I imagined. 

Power and Efficiency: The XC40 I had on test was fitted with a 150hp four-cylinder 1,969cc diesel engine with 320Nm of torque.  And 0-60 is dealt with in around 10.4sec and will max out at 124mph. I like this engine because it’s very refined and gets you around brilliantly. The big plus here is its torque levels which make overtaking effortless. For those of you looking for the fuel figures, I managed around 50+ mpg on the combined cycle. Let’s not forget that Volvo majors on designing a car which ticks all the boxes when it comes to putting driver and passenger safety first, which is just one more reason why I love Volvo so much.

On the road: I expected nothing but the best because my test car was fitted with AWD, which basically means you can take it anywhere. For me, the XC40 ticks all the right boxes and its AWD abilities are brilliant on pretty much any surface. Well done Volvo you have done a fantastic job of getting the AWD system to work efficiently on all surfaces while still allowing it to feel like a normal road car.

Design & Technology: Volvo’s interiors are very similar across all models and are all plush. Everything fits and works well with the driver and nothing is fussy or cumbersome, even the touchscreen display is simple to use. The seating is well designed and even after a day’s driving, I still felt fresh. Some of the standard equipment includes: nine-inch centre console touch screen, Volvo On Call with app, available for your smartphone, smartwatch or tablet, this enables you to control car functions remotely and also acts as an emergency and tracking service. There is sensus navigation full European mapping with traffic information and lifetime map updates, voice-activated control system, Sensus Connect  which allows you to access a range of web apps and browse the internet and includes connected service booking, which enables the car to pre-book itself for a service appointment at your chosen Volvo retailer, City Safety includes pedestrian, cyclist and large animal detection and front collision warning with automatic emergency braking,  oncoming lane mitigation, Run-off-Road Protection automatically tightens the front seatbelts should the car leave the road and while the front seat frames have a collapsible section to help prevent spinal injuries – to name just a few. 

To sum up: Driving the XC40 was amazing. It’s a great machine which will do its utmost to please every time you turn the key. The XC40 is the perfect all-in-one package. I wish I needed a new car  because it would be top of my list.