From left: Cornel Micu with brother Carlo Micu, Chris Teanby, assistant principal KES Academy, parents Adriana and Cristian Micu. Picture: Matthew Usher

KES Academy student Cornel Micu has been presented with the Queen’s Gold medal  for the school’s best A-Level results, despite English being his third language.

Cornel, 20, is originally from Romania and joined the academy’s sixth form after moving to the country from Italy. 

He was presented with the award by the Queen last Sunday, after achieving two A*s and two As in computer science, Italian, mathematics and further mathematics 

Cornel, his parents Adriana and Cristian and younger brother Carlo, were invited to Sandringham House for the annual presentation. 

They were accompanied by assistant principal of the King’s Lynn school, Chris Teanby.

Cornel said: “We had a nice conversation about how myself and my family moved to the UK, what I am studying now and how I chose this subject. It was a really enjoyable experience. I am honoured and so pleased to have had this opportunity.”

Mr Micu said “We are very proud of our son, Cornel, and want to thank all of the teachers at KES Academy who helped him to achieve his A-Level results.”

Mr Teanby said: “It was wonderful for Cornel to receive the Queen’s Gold Medal from Her Majesty in the presence of his family at Sandringham.  

“He’s a hardworking, intelligent young man and what we have to remember is that English is his third language, so to do so well in his A-Levels is a fantastic achievement. We are very proud of Cornel.”

A spokesman for the school said Cornel had settled into school life quickly and immediately impressed both staff and students with his polite, affable manner and academic ability. 

The spokesman said: “Cornel is an articulate, mature and extremely polite young man whose willingness to help others always stood out. 

“Despite the demands of studying four A-Levels, Cornel could often be found in the study room helping other sixth form students improve their understanding. 

“In fact, it would be fair to say that Cornel was often the first port of call should any A-Level maths students have a question about the subject.”

Cornel also mentored lower school students in maths and computer science and was a prefect. He is now studying an MSC in computing (artificial intelligence) at Imperial College London. He hopes to continue his studies and then pursue a career in this field.