A great drive and lots for your cash


Hyundai Santa Fe Premium SE – 2.2 CRDi
– 8 Speed Auto- 4WD.(200PS)

Prices from £43,295.

Power and Efficiency: Fitted with a 2,199cc turbo-charged diesel engine with 200PS at 3,800rpm and 440Nm of torque at 1,750 – 2,750rpm. 

The Hyundai Santa Fe Premium reaches 0 to 62mph in around 9.3sec and fuel consumption is a decent 44.8 mpg combined with a top speed of 127mph. 

Now, I know we all think large engines are a thing of the past but we are all wrong. How do I know that? Well, Hyundai has proved a large diesel engine can be just as efficient and I think they are right as the 2.2-litre engine in the New Generation Santa Fe is an excellent choice as it goes well and sounds great.

 It’s also quite refined actually with no signs of shake, rattle and roll. 

  At the end of the day, it all comes down to balancing the mechanical efficiency and power of this engine, which I hope helps it stand out above some of the other not so efficient units on the market. 

Plus, remember the Santa Fe is a car that can be used to move large amounts of stuff around with ease.

 On the road: Actually, it’s pretty nimble for such a large car but it can’t be classed as frisky if I’m being honest. Take the Santa Fe out on the open road though and you soon begin to feel just how well it grips. Of course, manufacturers spend an awful amount of money designing and developing the chassis and suspension because they want it to be the best it can be. But sometimes there are compromises to be made. Well after just a few hours’ driving, I realised the Santa Fe is a great buy.

  Design & Technology: I don’t want to speak out of turn here, but the Santa Fe really is a handsome thing.

Yes, it won’t suit everyone and I should know as I own a VW UP! which is not the prettiest of things I grant you.

 When I do any road tests out on the open road, I follow a pretty simple set of rules – it’s either good or bad or very bad. 

  I’m happy to report that Santa Fe is firmly aligned with the word good. So, there you have it, another decent car with some faults such as an interior which is not on my favourite list but it’s still functional.

The New Generation Santa Fe also benefits from a superior rigidity through the use of advanced high strength steel and high impact energy absorption that protects passengers.

There are also six airbags: two front, two side and two curtain airbags from first to the second row, protecting both driver and passengers. 

Standard equipment on the Santa Fe Premium SE starts with eight-inch touchscreen sat-nav, 19-inch alloy wheels, Blind Spot Detection System with Brake Assist, electric front seats, LED headlights, heated steering wheel, KRELL premium audio with 10 speakers, rear cross traffic alert, leather seat trim, keyless entry and a host of others. 

To sum up: What can I say,the Santa Fe is a great drive and perfect for someone who wants a large car that comes with a large amount of space and many extras for a reasonable amount of money. Hopefully, you will now go out and give it a test drive and see what the new Santa Fe has to offer.