The seal pup found in a villager’s garden.

A seal pup has been rescued after being found four miles from the sea in a garden at Terrington St Clement.

The pup, thought to be at least three weeks old, was spotted by the homeowner last Wednesday.

RSPCA staff were alerted and animal collection officer Naemi Kilbey, who rescued it, said: “When the call first came through I was wondering if there had been a misunderstanding as to how far inland this pup had been found, but it turned out this little pup really was miles from the sea.

“He was found in the garden in an area surrounded by agricultural farmland and there was definitely no sign of the sea or a beach.

“We think that possibly he may have travelled up a drainage system and that’s how he ended up where he was, but the water system only literally had two inches of water in it, so this poor pup must have just kept trying to travel further and further down in the hope of finding water or food.

“He was an incredibly feisty little fella and it took all my strength to catch and rescue him, but it would have been his spirit and fight for life, that would have kept him alive during his ordeal.

“I’m just so grateful to the homeowner who found him and called us, if the pup hadn’t been found he would have likely have died of starvation.”

The pup was taken to the charity’s wildlife centre at East Winch. Centre manager Alison Charles said: “He really is very lucky as he would not have been able to survive for long without a food source.

“We hope he should be fine now, he will spend a few days with us where we can continue to monitor him and feed him up, then the plan will be to release him back to The Wash.”

She also repeated a warning to the public not to get too close to any abandoned seals and urged pet owners to also keep their dogs away as some seals have been bitten by pets. If you think an animal needs help, call 0300 1234 999.

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