Hyundai i10 Premium ‘S’1.0 MPi 67PS.
Price: from £9,195

This week I have the funky little i10 to test, and I have to say that Hyundai has gone all out with this new and improved version.

I, for one, am really impressed by its remarkable ability to work just as well in the city as it does out on the twisty country roads.

Power and Efficiency: My test car was fitted with a 1.0-litre, 67PS,  three-cylinder DOHC 12-valve petrol engine, which will reach a max speed of 97mph which, if I’m honest, is just as much fun to use as some of the other three-cylinder engines currently on the market from other manufacturers.

The 67PS engine is actually very refined and very good in my opinion. You also get a decent five-speed manual gearbox which is slick and feels well in sync with the engine.

Fuel economy was also very good and under normal driving conditions, I managed to achieve a figure of around 60mpg (combined) without breaking a sweat.

On the road: I will keep it simple here: the little i10 is the perfect car to scoot about in because it’s poised, easy to park and you will always have a little smile on your face whenever you are out and about.

Ok, it does feel a little firm but that’s all the fun of the i10. 

Plus, the steering is also direct and the grip levels are good, which means the i10 feels tight and taught into the corners. 

I’m going to say that Hyundai has done a pretty good job of getting the whole package to work together and I have no issues in saying that it performs well out on the open road.

In fact, it has been a while since I have driven any small car that has felt so connected to the road.

Design & Technology:  On the outside, the i10 looks relatively elegant, but it does have a basic look about it on the inside.

But, saying that, the little i10 is priced very well for its market, so I didn’t expect it to be festooned with a carbon fibre dashboard or leather seating. 

You do get quite a lot of standard equipment even on ‘S’ trim, which includes: black cloth seat trim, body-coloured bumpers, daytime running lights, electric front windows, immobiliser, ISOfix rear seats, rear spoiler with integrated brake light, remote control central locking, split folding rear seats, tyre pressure monitoring system, and USB and aux connections. Not bad then to get you started.

To sum up: The i10 is a decent car that’s packed full of additional extras for very little money. If you are thinking of buying one then I would probably opt for the 67PS version as it sips fuel and is cheap to buy and run. Well done Hyundai for making yet another great small car.