Bino and Sarah Souleyman with Downham Mayor David Sharman. Picture: Matthew Usher

A new shop selling women’s clothes sourced from Italy, France and London  has been officially opened in Downham Market.

Called For Fr*cks Sake, the business is located at the Old Red Cross Hut on the corner of Howdale Road and Church Road.

During a special opening ceremony last Friday, Downham Mayor David Sharman was on-hand to perform the duties, cutting a ribbon and welcoming guests.

The business is owned by husband and wife team Bino and Sarah Souleyman.

“The opening went very well. We had a constant stream of people and a good crowd of guests,” said Mrs Souleyman.

“We have ladies new clothing for all ages, so there is something for everyone from across the generations.

“It’s something different for Downham Market and you don’t have to go to Cambridge to shop, it’s all right here.”

The new shop is housed in the premises previously used by second-hand shop REloved, also owned by the couple, who moved to West Norfolk 10 years ago.