The main cast of this year’s magical pantomime. Picture: Matthew Usher

REVIEW: Sleeping Beauty,
Sunday December 7 at the
King’s Lynn Corn Exchange.
Running until Monday December 31. Box office: 01553 764864

Review by Jamie Read

A lot of people get quite traditional at Christmas. 

Whether it’s some Christmas drinks, a visit to somewhere festive or going ice skating, these traditions really help build up a sense of excitement as the big day approaches.

For me, a Christmas tradition is now seeing a panto.

It’s a new tradition, I confess, but it is one I will look to continue for many years to come.

Part of the reason I now see this as my Christmas routine is due to the fantastic performances by cast at King’s Lynn Corn Exchange

There’s always fun for all the family, with a professional feel without having to venture miles and miles.

Last year, the ‘bean’ was raised with the impressive Jack and the Beanstalk.

This year, expectations were high for Sleeping Beauty and I’m pleased to say I was not disappointed.

The story is sure to be known by many, an evil witch puts a spell on a princess who falls asleep awaiting loves’ true kiss.

There are always adaptations to the shows to make them fresh with a modern twist and these make seeing a story you think you may know, worthwhile.

Familiar faces return for this year’s performance with Charles Dennett, Scott Cripps and Ian Marr.

Scott Cripps and Ian Marr have fantastic chemistry together. Playing Chester the Jester and Dame Nellie Night Nurse respectively, the duo really bounce off one and other and created my favourite moments of the evening. 

Their musical skit should not to be missed.

Television’s Victoria Bush, a local actress, gave a frighteningly good performance as Carabosse, the story’s wicked witch. 

The lighting and score for her scenes really benefits the story-telling and makes her seem so much more wicked.

The production of these pantos is always impressive and must not be overlooked, from dragons, shake makers to backdrops, they really make the show.

Current music once again brought the story into the modern day; whether this is the joys of The Greatest Showman or the unavoidable popularity of Baby Shark. 

One musical number is an adapted version of Rocky Horror’s Time Warp with an impressive whole cast performance, surely only British panto could give you a Game of Thrones cast member front and centre of such a song?

The title character may spend a good proportion of the show asleep, but there’s no way you will feel like falling asleep yourself.

There’s so much worth seeing but I won’t ruin it. Instead, I suggest you go and see it for yourself.