Wisbech & King’s Lynn Tang Soo Do Martial Arts Club students, pictured with instructor and owner Donna Harvey, included Oscar Gray, Sophia Stanton, Tracey Kym Gooch, Sebastian Targanski, Lily Davies, Nakita Davies and Emilia Targanska.

MARTIAL ARTS: Students from Wisbech & King’s Lynn Tang Soo Do Martial Arts Club won 13 trophies across four categories at the World Tang Soo Do Association Regional Championship in Wales. 

The championship was held in Ebbw Vale with about 400 competitors involved. 

West Norfolk students won honours in weapons, forms, sparring and team forms.

Sophia Stanton was first in weapons and second in forms, with Tracey Kym Gooch first in forms and third in both sparring and team forms.

Lily Davies was Tiny Tiger category champion, with Oscar Gray second in weapons and third in team forms.

Emilia Targanska earned a pair of third-place finishes in forms and sparring, a position repeated by Nakita Davies in team forms with another student second in sparring and third in weapons.

For more details about the event and the club, including how to join, search Facebook for @WisbechkingslynnTSD

Wisbech & King’s Lynn Tang Soo Do Martial Arts Club train on Monday evenings at Lynnsport and on Thursday evenings at Walton Highway village club.