Singing club members from Nelson Academy performing in Downham Market town square.

Pupils from Nelson Academy in Downham Market collected money for charity while singing some of their favourite festive songs.

Members of the school’s key stage 1 singing club, aged five to eight, performed by the Christmas tree in the town square and outside Morrisons last Friday.

A crowd of proud parents and shoppers watched and £39 was collected for Friends of Nelson, with donations also set to go to a charity of the supermarket’s choice.

Year two teacher Emma Traylen, who runs the singing club, said: “The children were very excited to put on their first performance and had a lovely time singing their favourite Christmas songs.

“We’ve been practicing the songs for several weeks now in preparation and I thought the children did wonderfully well. 

“Singing in public is not only great fun for the children, it also helps to build their self-confidence.

“It was lovely to see so many parents and shoppers watching, we had quite a crowd who seemed to enjoy it as much as the children did.”