The deep fat fryer at Ocean 1000 in Hunstanton.

A fish and chip shop owner in Hunstanton faces a £48,782 fine for a catalogue of food hygiene regulation breaches.

Richard Buck of Shoreside 1000, in Le Strange Terrace, was also banned from running a food business when he appeared at King’s Lynn Magistrates’ Court  last week. 

Despite receiving warnings and advice from officers, conditions at the shop deteriorated, a West Norfolk Council spokesman said.

 The court heard there had been 14 offences including  inadequate personal hygiene, failure to ensure suitable staff training, failure to keep the premises clean and four counts of failure to implement and maintain HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point) procedures in March and May.

Other offences included obstructing officers and providing inadequate hand washing materials, the court heard last Thursday.

The fine was calculated per day the offences occurred and included £3,612 costs.

Magistrates also made an order preventing Buck from running a food business.

Councillor Adrian Lawrence, borough council cabinet member for housing and community said: “The vast majority of food premises in the area are rated good, which is excellent for the borough.  

“Our environmental health officers at the council are always keen to provide advice and support to businesses so that they can comply with all the necessary regulations. 

“Where a business ignores the advice and continues failing to comply, we have to take action to protect the public.  

“In this instance, repeated advice did not result in any improvement.  Instead, officers witnessed a deterioration in hygiene standards at the premises.  

“I am pleased with the outcome of this case and hope it serves to warn other food businesses that they must adhere to food hygiene regulations.  A good hygiene rating is great for business.”

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