Seat Leon ST CUPRA 300PS – 2.0 TSi – 4 Drive –
6 speed DSG

Price (from): £33,175

I am not a person who drives very fast anywhere really because I am used to driving around in my VW UP. 

So, when Seat gave me the Leon ST CUPRA 300, I was very excited and I decided I liked it before I had even turned the key.

Power and Efficiency: My test car was fitted with 2.0-litre TSi engine which manages to complete 0 to 62mph sprint in just 4.9 seconds, yet returns an average of 39.2mpg. Plant your foot all the way into the carpet and you will achieve a max speed of 155mph. 

So, what’s all the fuss about then? Well, it’s the way the Leon gets you to where you want to go at such a pace you need to restrain yourself from going totally bonkers. The sheer acceleration of the Leon boggles the mind and to be honest, that’s something I could do all day long, roads permitting of course. No wonder it has a CUPRA setting and I suggest you only engage that setting if you know how to handle a fast car.

On the road: As you would expect from a CUPRA, the handling is poised thanks to Seat doing a proper job of setting up the suspension which is controlled and gives the Leon a planted feel on the road. Although, the ride can be quite harsh, the Leon CUPRA ST is a car you buy because you want it to do all things a normal estate can’t. It has the added bonus of Seat’s 4Drive which keeps everything in check meaning it pretty much sticks to the road under most conditions. 

All of this of course improves the high speed cornering response of the Leon by keeping you firmly planted onto the road ahead.

Road and wind noise is not a problem for the CUPRA ST either as Seat has refined it well to deal with additional noise from the onset. The only noise you will get is from that wonderful 2.0TSi engine and that burble of 300PS.

Design and Technology: As you would expect from Seat, the cabin materials are of a good quality and you can see there has been no penny pinching on the interior and all-around visibility is good. 

Seating is a big plus point in the ST and it shows. A family needs lots of rear leg room and the ST does not disappoint here either.  

The Leon CUPRA ST also comes with a large amount of technology and extras you wouldn’t find in a normal estate. 

To sum up: I love the Leon CUPRA ST, it’s a brilliant estate. As with all Seats there is very little to go wrong as reliability is excellent. As part of the VW Group you can also expect build quality to be good with quality components and the material is second to none.