Robert Lambert and Niels-Kristian Iversen celebrate Monday’s Heat 15 maximum in front of Stars fans at Belle Vue. Picture: Taylor Lanning.

Determined Dale Allitt insists King’s Lynn’s play-off semi-final with Belle Vue isn’t a done deal.

Allitt saw his side bounce back from a 10-point deficit in Manchester on Monday to win on the night by eight points – a stunning 18-point swing in their favour over eight races.

The sides meet again at the Adrian Flux Arena on Monday with a place in the final against Somerset or Poole on the line.

It promises to be an
emotionally-charged night with Lynn having never reached the final in the top flight. Allitt said it was ‘job done’ on Monday but it’s only

“It might sound hard to believe but the target was still to win,” he said. “We had won twice there so why would this meeting be any different?

“Show me any manager that wants to be successful in any sport who wants to take back a loss for a home leg – you want to win and that’s that.

“Maybe some people would have been happy with a draw at heat 15 after what we had been through but not us.

“That’s why we’ve been so successful this year. Hopefully we can see that through to the end of the season.

“It is not done by a long shot, though. We are 15 races in. After seven we were 10 down and pulled it back to lead by eight, they could do the same.”

Allitt was keen to pay tribute to the Lynn fans who made the trip to Manchester.

“They were brilliant on the back straight, waving flags and getting right behind us. The fans were an extra man for us,” he said.

“They sacrificed a lot to get there. Manchester on a Monday night is a long way and they went to great expense and got right behind us.

“We want to see the Adrian Flux Arena packed on Monday night to create a special atmosphere and I’d urge everyone to come along and make some noise.”