Erik Riss, white helmet, in action for the Stars at Belle Vue on Monday.Pictures: Taylor Lanning.

New King’s Lynn signing Erik Riss is a man who sets high standards.

Anybody who has two world longtrack titles to his name knows what it takes to reach the very top of his game.

Riss was brought to Norfolk last weekend to bolster the Stars side at the expense of unlucky Jason Garrity.

And he said: “I put a lot of pressure on myself. I’m pretty hard on myself. That can be a good thing and a bad thing.

“But I set myself high standards and put that pressure on because I enjoy it. The pressure is what gives me fire and hunger to succeed.

“Some people fear pressure, I don’t, I actually enjoy it. I think any sportsperson who reaches the top knows how to deal with that stress.”

Riss has got his eye on bigger prizes, such as emulating German icon Egon Muller’s 1983 world title win – although he keeps his targets to himself.

Not many 22-year-olds in the sport’s history have ever had two world titles on their CV. But this all-action German hero made the courageous decision to ditch longtrack to master a new discipline of speedway.

He said: “I have goals, big goals but I keep them private. If you tell people your targets, they judge you by them.

“But of course any sport you do, you go out to be the best.

“To do what Egon did would be amazing, that is the aim.

“It was a big decision to stop longtrack. After two titles I didn’t feel any motivation for more. I needed new goals in speedway.”

Riss scored eight on his debut as the Stars pulled off a stunning last-gasp win at Belle Vue on Monday to bolster their
play-off hopes.

“It is good the team won, that’s the main thing,” said the Bavarian-born rider. “I’m not overly happy with my performance or score,” he added. “It was okay, I did enough but I know I can and will do better. 

“The track was very different from when I scored 13 for Belle Vue as a guest earlier in the season.

“It was dry and dusty that day, Monday was grippier and I was short on power. However, it was important to win Heat 8. We got the win and we move on. I must do better though.

“There’s a good team spirit and we got on well. It was a close meeting and it’s hard to go to Belle Vue and get a result because they are fast.

“I felt welcome straight away. I feel like part of the team already. It was something new, a new challenge but I got into the team really well.”