Gaywood cyclist Robbie Ferri in training for his latest challenging ride.

A fitness instructor from Gaywood is to have a crack at breaking a gruelling world record – for the third time.

Keen cyclist Robbie Ferri, 31, who works at Heros gym in Lynn, hopes to pedal his way through 15 countries in just seven days.

Starting in Hungary in eastern Europe, his planned route, which is dependent on conditions, will take him across the Alps mountain range and finish in Holland.

Riding solo, Mr Ferri aims to cycle for 17 to 18 hours each day and travel 220 miles between daily stops.

He will only sleep in hotels every few days, resting for just a few hours most nights in a sleeping bag at the side of the road.

“It’s going to be just me and the bike,” said Mr Ferri. “It’s about me proving to myself I can do it.”

Mr Ferri’s previous attempts saw him forced to abandon his challenge early due to injury in 2016 – although he did set the record for the most countries visited in 24 hours at five – before he successfully completed a second week-long trip a year later, journeying across 12 states.

That made Mr Ferri the new world record holder but it was three nations short of his target of 15 and his record has since been broken.

“I look back on my previous trips as not doing what I set out to do, so it is about righting what I see as a wrong in my eyes,” added Mr Ferri.

“Originally, three years ago I said I was going to do 15 countries in seven days and that’s what I want to do.

“The record, my name in a book, anything like that doesn’t really matter to me, it’s all about doing what I said I would do a long time ago.”

Mr Ferri plans to update his social media accounts during the trip, including videos and a live tracker showing where he is in Europe.

Follow his epic journey on his Facebook and Instagram pages, both named @ridingwithrobbie