The amazing sequence of photographs captures the dramatic conclusion of the sickening crash at Ashfield.

Sport Hurts. It’s not just the name of a former popular segment on Sky Sports’ Soccer AM weekly TV show. But it’s fact.

Some sports hurt more than others. Neymar might beg to differ as he rolls his way around the globe every time he is brushed by a brutal gust of wind. 

Yet football, serious injuries aside, is probably not high up on the list.

Boxing, ice hockey and rugby can claim to be above the beautiful game, while motorsport can, sadly, cause damage that is irreparable, thanks to the speeds involved. It definitely takes top spot.

With no brakes, speedway causes the type of harm that can take an awful long time to fix as a result of crashes that have to be seen to be believed.

One such shocking incident was caught by photographer Ian Adam when Glasgow Tigers’ Nathan Greaves tangled with Berwick Bandits’ Theo Pijper and careered into, and then over, the air fence with sickening velocity.

Yet, amazingly, the former King’s Lynn Young Stars rider only sustained knee ligament damage and chipped a bit of the bone and was in decent enough spirits the next morning to text his dad to joke “is my bike ready for tonight?”

Sport might hurt. Yet hard-as-nails speedway riders are used to it. 

And Greaves will no doubt be back on his bike soon, flying around the shale at almost the same speed that a certain multi-millionaire Brazilian forward hits the deck when he gets anywhere near an opponent.