Junior promotions at Kuk Sool Won of King’s Lynn. Picture: SUBMITTED

MARTIAL ARTS: A hectic week of activity brought more success to students at Kuk Sool Won of King’s Lynn.

Mondays and Saturdays Lil Dragons graded for their next stripes, showing off lots of martial arts and motor skills, including self-control, self-discipline, listening, kicking and empty hand forms.

The advanced students were a little more intense, having lots of self-defence techniques and empty hand forms to remember. They also performed on each other and used weapons, performing more than 300 staff spins.

The white and yellow belt students all impressed the instructors with their martial arts skills.

Blue and red belt students were pushed more than normal because of the large number of instructors in attendance.

All the students had a chance to have a go at different breaking techniques on different strength boards before a promotion ceremony.

The school welcomes new students of all ages. Call Marie, 0795 7961877, or Darren, 0754 5239300 to book a free introduction session or visit www.kuksoolwonofkingslynn.co.uk to learn more.