The committee hopes the Anglia in Bloom judges are impressed with their efforts. Picture: Matthew Usher

By Natalie Copeland

Judges for the annual Anglia in Bloom competition have been doing the rounds in West Norfolk.

Their travels have included a two-and-a half hour visit to South Wootton where they met members of the village’s in  Bloom committee.

And due to the on-going heat wave and lack of rain, the waterers have been even busier than usual. 

“All the grass is brown, but the judges understand that it’s the same everywhere. But we have been religiously watering the flowers and they look good,” said South Wootton in Bloom chairman Diana Gotts.

The judges visited on July 19 and were shown around the vegetable gardens of both the village’s infant and junior schools.

“They saw the churchyard gardens which have been developed a great deal and the flower beds on the corners of Meadow Road and Oak Avenue. They also saw the wild flowers that we have planted and they look beautiful,” said Mrs Gotts.

The judges also looked at the many tubs and hanging baskets along with the pond.

The competition is part of Royal Horticultural Society’s Britain in Bloom contest which encourages communities to make the most of their environment.

The committee will find out if they have won any awards in September.