West Raynham ward staff members sister Tracey Symonds and charge nurse Paulo Belo with Steve and Angela Snagg and son Peter Bloom.

A stroke sufferer has helped raise £3,669 for the hospital ward that looked after her for five months.

Angela Snagg, 54, was treated on the West Raynham ward at King’s Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital in 2016.

Mrs Snagg’s stroke almost proved fatal and she now struggles to walk without support.

The money was raised by Mrs Snagg and her family, through a fundraising boxing night, as appreciation for the care which she received. 

“The hospital staff were incredible,” she said. “They couldn’t have been any better towards me.”

Husband Steve, 57, of South Wootton, boxed while serving in the RAF and is a former judge and referee. 

He was also a trainer at King’s Lynn’s Gold Star Boxing Club and Downham Market Boxing Club and wanted to use his knowledge and experience of the sport to fundraise.

He said: “When Angela had the stroke she was in a pretty bad way. This was just a way of saying thank you to the people who helped my wife.”

Trust fundraising executive Laurence Morlaàs added: “We are extremely grateful and the money they raised will help us to carry on providing high quality acute care 24/7 as well as stroke rehabilitation. During the presentation it was inspiring to see how popular Angela is with the unit staff who acknowledged her in so many different ways.”