Cuts on one of India’s legs after she was attacked in the field.

A horse owner has hit out at the “evil” culprits who attacked one of her animals in its field at Pentney.

Three-year-old India, a rescue horse, suffered deep cuts to her legs after being attacked sometime between 1pm and 5pm last Thursday while in the Abbey Road field.

Owner Rachael Peckham, who lives just minutes away, said staples had been found in some of the wounds.

The attack has been reported to police and Miss Peckham has appealed for any witnesses to come forward.

She also wants to warn other pet owners to be on their guard.

The attack traumatised both Miss Peckham and her 20-month-old son Ethan Hampson, who has cerebral palsy and was with her when she found India.

Miss Peckham had tended to India and 22-year-old mare Elle in the morning and left the field around 1pm.

When she returned at about 5pm she saw India on the ground.

“I grabbed my son and ran across the field. I thought she was dead. I saw flies everywhere and blood. I’ve never seen so much blood.”

She said Elle, who was unhurt, was hiding in the stable and India had bad cuts to her legs.

She said there was nothing in the field which could have caused the injuries and one of the cuts had caught an artery.

Miss Peckham said she found three staples in wounds in one of India’s front legs. 

The horses have now been moved to a friend’s premises which has security cameras.

Miss Peckham has only had India for three weeks from Horse Welfare and she is worried the attack might mean she has to give her back.

“She is such a friendly, loving horse. I don’t know what happened to her before she came to me but she had been mistreated and all she wants is some love and affection.

“I was in such a state and my little son’s face dropped. He got into a such a state and I was trying to calm him down,” she said,

Miss Peckham said she had lost faith in humanity and branded the attack as “evil”.

“I also feel really guilty. I know it wasn’t my fault but I had taken India on to change her life and give her a safe, secure home for life. Someone has ruined that for me, my little boy and India.”

Miss Peckham has also been left with a vet bill of around £1,000 and India has to rest in the stable.