Australian Ty Proctor feels very much at home in West Norfolk.

Ty Proctor says he feels at home with King’s Lynn after joining the club during the winter.

The Australian rider has made a welcome return to the side after missing three meetings with injury.

And he says he felt comfortable from the moment he walked through the door at the Adrian Flux Arena.

He said: “I feel at home at King’s Lynn now, I did after the first training camp to be fair. I already knew everyone beforehand anyway but it’s just been really good, and very welcoming.

“I think I was just doing a job for the team before I got injured.

“I have been happy with how things are going but I start from zero again now and go from there.

“Things are going really well for me this year. I am at two clubs that I am really happy to be at”

Proctor, who also rides for Workington in the Championship added: “I am enjoying life here at Lynn and I always look forward to the next meeting.”

The Tru Plant Stars vice-captain feels the training camps have played a key role in developing his middle order partnership with Thomas Jorgensen.

Proctor said: “Although Thomas and I were in the same team together last year at Workington, we didn’t ride much together. It just seems strange; it just seems as if whatever we did in the winter has worked because we have all gelled very well together as a group.”

Despite scoring well at home so far, the Aussie openly admits there is always room for improvement and he could have done better.

He revealed: “I have made a couple of mistakes in the meetings at Lynn. In heat 15 against Swindon, I was leading Nick Morris and probably should have come into the corner a bit tighter when he got past me.

“It was nobody’s fault apart from my own. I was disappointed at the result because when you’re in front for three laps you kind of want to win it.

“When I top scored for the Stars at Leicester in May, I felt really good. I felt comfortable with good speed and it was just a shame that I had a problem with my clutch in my final ride, which was why I went through the tapes.

“In the last home meeting I rode in, against Somerset, I was making good starts but then race would get pulled back by the referee. In heat three, I made an awesome start but it got pulled back. I was very disappointed and I felt I had let the fans down.”