Joel Large, left, who makes the Gelato, with West Norfolk Mayor and Mayoress Cheryl and Nick Daubney and right, Michael Large. Pictures: Paul Tibbs

A new parlour has been launched in the seaside town of Hunstanton.

Located on the promenade, it features a chip shop, gift shop and a 128-seater roof-top terrace which overlooks the beach.

It was set up by Joel Large who owns East Coast Gelato, also based in the parlour, and  his father Michael who has been trading in the town for the past 40 years.

The shops in the parlour are individually named after the female members of the Large family. 

Last week, the parlour was officially unveiled by West Norfolk Mayor Nick Daubney.

Mr Large Jr said the business, which has created 10 jobs, has seen positive feedback from customers.

He said: “People who have sat upstairs have said the view is beautiful and relaxing. Some have said it’s what the town has needed for a long time.”