Work has got underway at the King’s Lynn Minister and below-right, Canon Chris Ivory at the main entrance. Pictures: Tony Jones

The first phase of a major restoration and development project at King’s Lynn Minster has got underway.

Repair work has started in the North Choir Clerestory, which so far has seen glaziers re-lead the windows using as much of the original Georgian glass as possible.

Stonemasons have been working on repairing 15th century stone tracery and a new emergency exit to the north of the building is currently  being constructed. 

This initial phase of the £834,000 project is expected to finish in September and the 900-year-old building will remain open throughout.

Canon Chris Ivory, vicar at the Minster, said: “It’s not been too disruptive as we have most of the services in the nave. It will take another year for the project altogether.”

Building work has been carried out by Essex-based masonry contractors Universal Stone.

New facilities will be installed in the north west tower and porch which will include an office, toilet, meeting room and a wheelchair lift.

The project still needs £89,488 to continue the planned works throughout the year. 

Canon Ivory said: “We have raised 90 per cent, the donations have been brilliant, we’ve done very well.” 

Donations can be made to the Minster, St Margaret’s Vicarage, St Margaret’s Place, King’s Lynn, PE30 5DL.