Heads up for Brian Smith as he welcomes the new birds to his aviaries. Pictures: Paul Tibbs

Kind-hearted people all over West Norfolk have helped put a smile back on the face of a pensioner who had all the birds stolen from his home-made aviaries.

Brian Smith, 84, of Old Hunstanton, was devastated after thieves stole more than 20 birds, including zebra and Bengalese finches, quails and a canary.

But thanks to generous donations by customers from Vets4Pets in King’s Lynn, Mr Smith is now the proud owner of 27 budgerigars.

“I’m delighted. It’s nice to hear birds singing and whistling again,” said Mr Smith.

“I like budgies, they are lovely birds. There are all sorts of colours flocking about in there, every colour you can think of.”

Thieves damaged Mr Smith’s aviaries during a raid a few weeks ago.

He has been busy repairing them since and installing new security measures.

Julie Clark, owner of Vets4Pets, transported the birds  to Mr Smith’s house last Friday.

Mr Smith added: “We’ve had quite a gathering here, with the newspapers and the radio along with the people who brought the birds.

“I’m a little bit embarrassed that it had to happen but I’m very grateful to the people who donated.

“The only thing I can say is thank you very much. I have no idea at all who they are but I’d be pleased to meet any of them.

“It has made me feel better. Until something like this happens you don’t realise what can be done. It’s been quite surprising. I didn’t expect anything like this.”

Pets at Home, where the Vets4Pets surgery is based, donated bird seed and other useful items.

West Norfolk property management firm Rounce and Evans also put up a £300 reward for information leading to the return of the birds, which if unclaimed will help Mr Smith with the cost of installing security.