Richard and Geri Coates have 57 places on their list to visit.

A retired South Wootton couple are set to visit as many British extremes as they can in two weeks.

Richard, 74, and Geri Coates, 67, have set themselves a challenge to see the biggest, the longest, and the shortest attractions and places between Land’s End in Cornwall and John O’ Groats in Scotland.

After extensive research, the couple are planning to visit 57 ‘extreme places’ starting on Sunday, June 17.

These include the largest Roman amphitheatre, in Chester, the tallest cinema in the world, in Glasgow, the largest modern public sculpture – Angel of the North – and the smallest house, in Gwynedd.

“The list just grew and grew,” said Mr Coates, a former accountant.

“There is no particular place I’m looking forward to going to, apart from coming back home safely.

“I think my wife is looking forward to it, but it’s really my trip. I wanted to do something different now I have the time after retiring.”

The couple, who have six grandchildren between them, will be staying in hotels between driving to different locations.