Archers practicing before the start. Photo: Rick Bellars

ARCHERY: More than 100 archers from across the East of England came to enjoy a challenging day’s open shoot at Blackborough End, home of King’s Lynn Field Archers.

There were 36 targets with several novelty shots such as a Red Lion with a mock pub sign at the first peg. For fun there was a ‘Poppinjay’ where a fluffy chicken hung 40 feet up and blunt arrows were shot from below it. The day raised about £1,000 for the club.

Winners on the day included: Gent’s American Flat Bow Adam Browning (Aurora) 540; Mark Jones (Rednex) 528; Andy Doyle (Invicta) 522 Ladies American Flat Bow Mandy Smith (Independent) 436; Gillian Mill (Ind) 310. Gents Barebow Terry Stevens (Invicta) 644; Graham Holmes (Ind) 596; Andrew Burns (Black Sheep) 590. Ladies Barebow Shelley Malthouse (Black Sheep) 526; Liz Holmes (Ind); 502 Jackie Brookes (Cobra Archers) 486. Junior Girls Barebow (Lucy Hubbert (Black Sheep) 420; Rae Costello (Ind) 298; Gents Bowhunter David Sexton (Rose & Arrows) 588; David Arnold (Rose & Arrows) 586; John Foster (Rose & Arrows) 500. Ladies Bowhunter Sam Ellis (Harlequin) 540; Emily Smith (Ind) 520; Sue Birch 460. Gents Compound Duane Williams 640. Ladies Freestyle Nadine Eastall (Aurora) 402. Gents Hunting Tackle Steve Dixon (Invicta) 498; Kelly Lake (Ind) 492; Nigel Bratton (Toft Hill) 442.

For full list of results see the website

; Richard Dennis (Independent) 462; Alastair Wren (Independent) 452. Ladies Long Bow Penny Grew (Tendeing Field Archers) 372; Claire Parfit 288; Lynda Stevenson (Independent) 244. Junior Boys Long Bow Jayden Foss (Legbow Archers) 358. Gents Traditional Duncan Sims (Broadland) 522; Dennis Tyler (Avalon Archers) 396.Primitive Gents Kevin Button (Priory Bowmen) 494. Gents Unlimited Mark Hanson (Black Sheep) 742; David Stone (Avalon Archers) 716; David Lovell (Avalon Archers) 708. Ladies Unlimited Lynne Hanson (Black Sheep) 690; Stacey Service (Broadland) 550; Linda Mellor (Broadland) 532.Gents Crossbow Mark Ramsden (Broadland) 718 Fred Flatt 690; and Warren Buckley 622.

On a rough count the day raised £1000 for the King’s Lynn Field Archers Club.
The full list of results can be seen on the website