MARTIAL ARTS: Students at the Kuk Sool Won of King’s Lynn School of Traditional Korean Martial Arts have had the chance to show off their abilities.

A week of gradings for Lil Dragons and juniors saw 65 students perform their martial skills in front of the school owners and instructors, as well as friends and family, who went along to watch and support their children.

Lil Dragons, who are aged from four to six, showed how they have grown in confidence by performing some skills on their own in front of viewing parents and instructors.

Four brown belts had their grading with three graded for their dahn bo nim black belt.

White and yellow belt students showed great promise and performed all their self-defence techniques on an instructor.

Blue and red belt students impressed their instructors, with many different skills including empty hand forms with lots of moves and self-defence techniques.

5th dahn instructor and 2nd dahn instructor Darren and Marie Brown were impressed with all the students and the dedication from the instructors.

Kuk Sool Won of King’s Lynn welcomes all new students, young and mature.

Call Marie, 0795 7961877, or Darren, 0754 5239300 to book a free introduction session.

Learn more about the school, which is based at Unit 3, Bryggen Way, on the North Lynn Industrial Estate at the website.