Gracie McGinn, 8, Seth Clarkson, 8, Jack Kartomaa, 6, Faith Fox, 9, Milo Flett, 7, Alfie Willis Bailey, 7, Hayden Marshall, 10, with Fran Hartshorne. Pictures: Paul Tibbs

Pupils from Brancaster Primary School enjoyed a fun morning learning about food and healthy eating.

They visited The White Horse Inn on Wednesday and worked with head chef Fran Hartshorne.

Pupils where shown how to make a healthy meal and made their own lunches. The school held a competition to design a children’s menu for the  Brancaster Staithe inn to win a prize of a family meal.

Sarah Bocking, executive headteacher, said: “The school likes to be at the heart of the community so to design pictures for the menu is a good way for the children to do something for their community.

“The visit to the White Horse to explore food and cooking is an important educational opportunity for our children, especially in current times when healthy eating is an important initiative.

“It is also a chance to widen the horizons of those who wouldn’t otherwise visit restaurants. It also enables our children to investigate some of the career options available to them and maybe inspire them for the future.”

White Horse general manager Rob Williamson said: “The team all love this morning of creative and foodie fun with children and it’s great we can impart some of our food knowledge to the children.

“It’s a great community event and something we always want to be part of.”