Returning hero Niels-Kristian Iversen is already at the centre of attention. Pictures: MATT USHER.

It’s been a little while since we’ve taken a trip to Readers’ Corner.

So here, thanks to all your great responses, is a speedway special. Sorry for those that didn’t make the cut. Enjoy!

WE ASKed… 

Where will King’s Lynn Stars finish this season?

You voted… 

1st or 2nd: 13%

3rd or 4th: 32%

5th or 6th: 36%

7th or 8th: 19%

NB: Top four teams reach
the end-of-season play-offs


@AndFoxer: Well, with the star that is Niels-Kristian Iversen back at the club, surely we’ll make the play-offs!

@bennett94_ross: Non Lynn fan (Poole supporter) and you’re not making the play-offs. Iversen is getting past it and was poor last year. Robert Lambert doesn’t want to be there as well. Lynn have no third heat leader. Also you have a large swathe of fans who aren’t happy with the promotion.

@KLStarsFan: Struggle to see past the bottom two. We have the best No.1 in my opinion but that’s not enough. We have two heat leaders and five second-string riders. The only way we’ll make the play-offs is if the team have good fortune. An injury or two will be devastating because suitable replacements are impossible to find.

@PTOdriven: Genuinely don’t think it will be as bad as some think. Ty Proctor is rejuvenated, there’s a solid reserve pairing and it doesn’t matter if Lambert doesn’t want to be there, he is looking quick. If the track adheres to some good racing then the good times will return.

@theresajcarman: Who knows? Let’s support these guys to the hilt and see what they can do for us and themselves!

@JeremyMedley: With Iversen back, I hope his never-give-up attitude runs through the team and if Lambert is on top form we should do better than 2017.

@woodster1001: Could push for play-offs. Never been good on the road, so home form is important. New lad Kasper Andersen at reserve could be a trump card. If Iversen and Lambert get 20-plus points a meeting between them, the other five can bring it home.

@ButtersNick: I’m always optimistic at the start. Love that Iversen is back and along with Lambert that’s a good pairing. Everyone chipping in with points will be the key and with that, anything is possible.

@poohbear8911: I would love to say first or second, so will keep my fingers crossed. But having Niels back and Robert means we could accumulate quite a few points each meeting, alongside Team Lewis as well.

@BeetleyCanary: At least we have a No.1 in Niels who wants to be here. Chris Holder was a farce last season. We have been very unlucky with injuries in the past so let’s see. Certainly think Lewis Kerr at reserve will be a trump card.

@scottyjustcs: I’m always the optimist. Not sure it’ll be as bad as people think!

@thunderquo: With Niels back it seems to have put a lot of faith back in the club. We should all be positive then it will rub off on the riders. Too many people moaning all the time. We need to get behind what we have or else nothing will work.

@Webbotron: Having Niels back is brilliant news. With him and Robert we could end up having two guys smashing 20 to 25 points per meeting between them. Then there’s Team Lewis back together too. With a bit of luck, who knows?

@Buffonkat: We go into the season as underdogs, which can only work in our favour. For many years we’ve had great riders who don’t seem to gel but maybe with lower expectations we can perform as a team. With this side we could finish first or last. The uncertainty is exciting.

@NealMartin10: With Niels back, as long as I see good racing and the riders all working together, unlike last year, then what I saw at the fans’ meeting shows everything looks good. We could surprise a few. We look strong at reserve.

@em1500uk: All I will say is that I’m unsure we will make the play-offs BUT if people are writing us off already and making us underdogs then that could work in our favour. I just want seven riders in a team who WANT to be there and perform.

@Speedball74: I think this season is about rebuilding. Don’t think we’ll make the play-offs as we won’t pick up enough points away from home. We need to make the Arena a tough place to come again. Give the home fans entertainment and morale-boosting wins.

@Em_Louise94: Can’t wait for the season to start, really hope we make the play-offs and put the last few seasons behind us.

@Lordmilsom85: Having a No.1 who wants to ride for the team is a better start than last year. If we can stay injury free (for once) I think we can be the spoilers. We’ve been written off by everybody. It was the same for Swindon last year and look what happened to them!