Pupils take part in an Easter pilgrimage at Ten Mile Bank. Pictures: Paul Tibbs

Pupils from Ten Mile Bank Riverside Academy and Hilgay Riverside Academy celebrated Easter with Walsingham pilgrims. 

Pilgrims making the journey from Ely to Walsingham stopped at the school in Ten Mile Bank to chat to pupils from both academies about their journey last Thursday.

The pilgrims had lunch and told the children what it was like to be a modern day pilgrim.

The children sang a school hymn for their visitors called Shine Jesus Shine.

Executive headteacher of the two schools, Sarah Turner said: “The children absolutely loved it. It was such a magical day, a wonderful experience for everyone.

“The children asked questions like why they were doing a pilgrimage, how they felt and where they were going.

“They even had a chance to hold the cross and feel how heavy it was. They were so grateful.”

Mrs Turner added the day had been a good example of how different people can have the same worship, with the pilgrims age ranging between 19 and 69 and including men and women of different ethnicity.

Pupils from Ten Mile Bank Riverside Academy finished the celebratory day by walking with the pilgrims through the village.

Meanwhile, pupils from key-stage one visited the Hilgay school for an Easter fun day.