Planting the first of many trees, from left, Elizabeth Nockolds, borough council arboricultural officer Richard Fisher and the civic society’s Richard Morrish and Anna Gunn. Picture: Tony Jones

The first trees have been planted as part of the Street Trees for Lynn campaign –including two sponsored by Your Local Paper.

A ceremonial planting took place last Thursday at the Hardwick Road cemetery in King’s Lynn.

The Street Trees for Lynn initiative is a collaboration between West Norfolk Council, Lynn Civic Society and the town’s GroundWork art gallery. It aims to create long-term environmental benefits by tree planting in urban areas.

Richard Morrish, of the civic society, said: “We see this as the beginning of an ongoing annual project. We have already raised money towards next year’s tree planting and we now call for landowners to put forward more sites where new trees could make a long-term contribution to the environment.”

Elizabeth Nockolds, borough council deputy leader, said: “We are pleased to support this project and it fits well with the council’s goal to increase tree cover across the town in coming years.

“New tree planting will be a key factor in tackling the combined threats of climate change, new tree diseases and increasing urban pressures.”

Veronica Sekules, director of GroundWork, said: “We thank all those who have so far contributed to getting this project started.

“We are issuing a specially designed certificate to all donors, and supporters will be able to gift a contribution for friends and relatives or to mark a special occasion.”