Sarah Coombes poses with confidence to support other women.

Hunstanton woman Sarah Coombes, who underwent a double mastectomy following breast cancer, is hoping to inspire others. 

Miss Coombes discovered a lump in her right breast days before her 35th birthday.

After a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy at the West Norfolk Breast Cancer Unit at King’s Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital revealed she had cancer, Sarah chose to have both her breasts removed.

She said: “It was a complete shock. The lump took up most of my breast and there would not be much left behind.

“There was a small bit of me that thought I didn’t need breasts to be a valuable human being. They didn’t define me.

“I have a very strong gut instinct and I didn’t want to have reconstructive surgery. I think it is important for women to feel confident and comfortable with who they are. I am probably more confident as I can be myself now.”

The hospital’s consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon Amy Burger, who conducted the surgery in January 2015, said: “The choice to remove a normal breast is a huge undertaking.

“I do leave a curved scar rather than a straight scar as I think the patient appreciates that the body doesn’t have straight lines.”

Miss Coombes said: “My scars are quite beautiful as they are symmetrical and neat and run in a curve line near my ribs.

“Having seen pictures of other mastectomy scars, I think Miss Burger has done a beautiful job.”

Miss Coombes’ surgery was followed by six rounds of chemotherapy.

Today she is showing no signs of disease and is writing a blog to help other women after their mastectomies.

She is also a trustee of Flat Friends  charity support group.

She said: “I wanted the blog to be about women finding the confidence to try on different styles and get used to a new body shape.”

Miss Burger said: “I am pleased Sarah is happy with her outcome. She has done brilliantly offering support to women who chose that this is the way forward for them instead of reconstruction.”