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After many years building the Nwes Group into a leading enterprise agency, Kevin Horne, CEO, and John Balch, Strategic Director, are retiring from the Company.

During its 35 years Nwes has helped many thousands of businesses to start and grow with several becoming well-known names in the local community. Nwes has grown over the years, delivering a wide range of services to help budding entrepreneurs, from advice and training, sourcing finance, and accessible workspace for start-up and growing businesses.

Commenting on his departure Kevin Horne said ” It has been a pleasure and privilege to be CEO of Nwes. However, after 21 years it is time to hand over the reins to the next generation of leaders and for me to pursue new interests. The company is in good hands and ready to meet the different opportunities that a post Brexit world will bring.”

Kevin Horne will be pursuing a portfolio career after Nwes, and John Balch will continue to lead Nautilus Associates – a well-respected consultancy firm.

Joanna Clarke, an Executive Director of the Nwes Group, has been appointed as Interim CEO and comments, “We thank Kevin and John for their services to the Company. The Nwes Board and Executive Team will continue to build on enterprise opportunities and the many successful business growth activities we’re currently delivering, and we look forward to a strong future in the region.”

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