King’s Lynn Tru Plant Stars riders show their moves to improve their reaction times during the latest training camp.

SPEEDWAY: King’s Lynn Stars are heading for a Tru-ly amazing season, thanks to new team sponsors.

The team will be known as the King’s Lynn Tru Plant Stars for the 2018 Premiership season after sponsorship from Suffolk businessman Guy Nicholls’ Tru Plant company.

Tru Plant already sponsor the Ipswich Witches and have added the Stars to their portfolio as they expand their plant and heavy machinery to businesses nationwide.

Nicholls supported the Stars last season and said: “We are very pleased to be on board with King’s Lynn once again.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to portray the new Tru Plant brand. I love speedway and I’m pleased to remain involved and supporting the Stars.

“I’m pleased to see Niels-Kristian Iversen back. It is important for any team to have a big hitter at No.1 and Niels brings that to the table. I wish the team well and look forward to a successful season for the Tru Plant Stars.”

Club owner Keith Chapman is delighted with the sponsorship deal and said: “We are proud to be known as the Tru Plant Stars. Guy’s loyalty in supporting the club and the sport in general, is very much appreciated.”

Meanwhile, preparations continue apace for the riders ahead of the new season with the second training camp highlighting the progress already made.

Riders’ commitment to the programme was shown with heavy snow failing to stop most of them attending. Despite his best efforts Thomas Jorgensen was not able to beat the snow drifts that even ploughs couldn’t budge near to his home.

Team coaches Paul Suggitt and Chris Neville completed a full appraisal of each rider’s key performance measurements between the two camps so far and the changes to their body form are already clearly visible.

After appraisal, the riders went to Heros Fitness for more tests and fitness work, including a complex and random series of lights testing the riders’ reaction times over a number of sessions.

Co-promoter Robin Brundle, said: “We have seen the start of the transition from a group of successful speedway riders into a team in search of success in 2018.

“The work ethic and dedication of the riders to achieve personal improvement is comparable with anything found in top-flight sport.

“There is still work to be done and improvements to be made by the time we reach Camp 3 on March 24/25. The biggest gap to close is in reaction times and the leadership are now assessing how we will accelerate this programme.”

On-track performance analysis will also take place behind closed doors as the team gears up for the start of the racing season on April 4.