Pupils from Downham Preparatory School and St Michael’s Academy, King’s Lynn rehearse. Pictures: Tony Jones

School children across West Norfolk have come together to put on a musical show.

The 21st annual Schools Make Music, organised by Trinity Rotary Club in King’s Lynn, took place on Tuesday night.

More than 250 children took to the Corn Exchange stage.

Colin Lukey, member of Trinity Rotary Club King’s Lynn and project manager of the show said: “It’s about giving local school children the opportunity to perform in front of an audience on stage.

“They find it very rewarding and I know that because I stand back stage and as soon as the curtain goes down they jump up and down and clap themselves.

“They have a great time, they love it and it is character forming. That is what gives us the motivation to continue with it.

“Managing all of them backstage is a bit of a challenge but we do it.”

The schools involved were St Michael’s Academy, Downham Preparatory School, West Lynn Primary, Greyfriars Primary, Springwood High School, Fakenham Academy and Reffley Academy.

Derek Oldfield, music co-ordinator for the concert, said: “The performances allow students of all ages and ability to perform in the magnificent venue in a professionally organised programme.

“The discipline of working together in musical groups can also help pupils focus more readily in their academic work and helps social skills.

“We thank the teachers for all their hard work.”