Paul and Tina Cawkwell training at Christmas.

A prison governor, who was brutally attacked by an inmate, is using running to help him on the road to recovery. 

West Norfolk couple Paul Cawkwell and his wife Tina are preparing for not one but two marathons  within weeks of each other next month.

“They are amazing, very inspirational. But I think they are a bit mad,” said daughter Grace Sheppard.

Mr Cawkwell, who runs HMP Wayland near Thetford was attacked by an inmate in 2016.

“He was talking to the prisoner in the canteen, having a normal conversation. It was an unprovoked attack,” said Mrs Sheppard.

Mr Cawkwell suffered extensive injuries and had to undergo facial reconstructive surgery.

Mrs Sheppard said: “His left side of his face had to be rebuilt and his nose was completely gone and he had his eye socket rebuilt too.”

She said the experience had been very traumatic for her father, but her mother had helped him through it.

Mrs Cawkwell managed to persuade her husband to go out running with her and they now  they both notch up 16 miles each day.

“My mum got this sudden strength from nowhere and said to my dad, ‘right, we are going to start running’.

“Now if they run 10 miles, it would be a lazy day for them,” said Mrs Sheppard.

The couple are now training for 26-mile marathons in Paris on April 8 and London on April 22.

A fundraising page has been set up and so far, £1,495.95 of the £1,600.00 target has already been raised, with the money going to Crimestoppers.

“I’ve shared the page on Facebook for not only dad, but mum too,” said Mrs Sheppard.

“Without mum I couldn’t imagine what life would have been like, mum taught dad that he could still be himself, and kept our whole family going through the hard times.

“I still look at her with deep admiration, and hope I am half the woman she is.”

The couple can be sponsored  online at: