Average speed cameras could be installed on the A149 as they were here on the A17 in 2016. Picture: Tony Jones

Average speed cameras could be installed between King’s Lynn and Hunstanton by May.

Norfolk County Council highways engineer Andrew Wadsworth has proposed six cameras along the A149.

One of the cameras could be installed north of Knights Hill roundabout, another at the Castle Rising junction, one on the bypass at Babingley and a final three on the A149 in the Dersingham and Snettisham areas.

Mr Wadsworth said: “The A149 north of King’s Lynn was identified as having a high rate of personal injury collisions during routine analysis of collisions on Norfolk’s network. In particular, the predominant collision types are those which may be associated with excessive speed, such as tail- end collisions, overtake and head-on collisions.”

He added average speed enforcement was an effective way to prevent collisions and said the cameras would be funded by Norfolk’s Safety Camera Partnership and could be installed by May 22.