YLP’s Nats attempts to make a gin cocktail and right, Paula Jackman lights candles in the Bank House cellar. Pictures: Tony Jones

As King’s Lynn hosts its first-ever cocktail week, I decided to put my mixing skills to the test.

I went along to the Bank House, in King’s Staithe Square, Lynn, where bar supervisor Whitney Lee showed me how to shake up a colourful cocktail.

“My Christmas cocktails are not quite as popular as the summer ones,” Whitney said, who designs the restaurant’s cocktail menu.

“But most people still like the traditional ones like Cosmopolitan and Mojitos.”

Tomorrow, people will have the chance to sample cocktails down in the Bank House’s early 18th century cellar.

Local historian Dr Paul Richards will lead a town walk which will take participants to places associated with Lynn’s drink trade for over 300 years, which includes the Bank House.

It’s amazing to think that back in 1890, there were 182 pubs in the town.

After my cocktail lesson, I was able to have a sneak peek in the cellar to see what visitors can expect to find.

As I held onto the bannister going down the concrete steps into the cellar, I was greeted by the cold and damp.

It’s a world away from the cosiness and warmth of the restaurant upstairs.

However, the cold began to wear off as I got engrossed in looking at the tunnels  that veer off the cellar – it’s a fascinating place.

“Wine used to be brought to the cellar  through the tunnel that came from the river, which used to be closer to the Bank House back then,” explained assistant front of house manager Paula Jackman.

Back then, Lynn was a major importer of wine from Southern Europe, shipped down the River Great Ouse to customers such as the Bishops of Ely and Bury and the Cambridge colleges.

Paula continued: “People can’t believe the cellar is here when they come down, they love it.”

I think the modernness of this week’s Cocktail Week will tie in rather well with tomorrow’s historical walk.

To book a free ticket for the Places, People and Lynn’s Drink Trade Past and Present town walk visit www.klcocktailweek.co.uk/events/walk-places-people-lynns-drink-trade-since-1700