Safer Summer Staycation
Safer Summer Staycation

It might be the cool thing to be watching right now.

But judging by your feedback – well based on the poll results at least – it’s the Summer Olympics that gets your vote.


Do you prefer the Summer or Winter Olympics?

You voted… 

Summer – 76%

Winter – 24%

You SAID… 

@linnet1976: Prefer summer, but snowboard cross is the best out of all the sports to watch

@HollandVanMarco: I do prefer the summer ones but once the ski jumpers are out I could sit and watch them for hours.

@kylenolan08: Winter all day long.

@carloschipmunk: Prefer the Winter Olympics, it has more dynamic sports, plus I love ice hockey. I was gutted the NHL banned all of their players playing in it this year.

This week’s poll…

What in sport makes you Love West Norfolk the most?

  • GEAR
  • Adrian Flux Arena
  • Hanseatic Ski Race

Hunstanton Lawn
Tennis Tournament

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Safer Summer Staycation
Safer Summer Staycation